• Panther or Outlaw RX Insert Panther or Outlaw RX Insert

    Panther or Outlaw RX Insert

    Starting At: $180.00
    Purchase and additional Panther or Outlaw Rx Insert.
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    PILLA – 560 SERIES

    Starting At: $589.00
    The 560 is a perfect piece of equipment for the shooting enthusiast. This exciting new platform molded from high grade stainless steel benefits from years of frame design experience. The frame provides a completely unobstructed sight picture and a perfectly balanced frame geometry that reduces perceived weight. The frame in fact is a mere 1.25oz. This feather weight design provides all day comfort. The 560 integrates the Pilla signature “fork” temple tip made of a high performance rubber called Megol. The “fork” tip is easily adjusted by bending the tips to contour the shooters head. When properly adjusted the weight of the nose bridge is almost completely erased. The nose assembly of the 560 borrows from the minimalistic approach of the Pilla VIVX collection. This tiny nose is not seen by the shooter especially when looking at a sever angle through the middle of the mask. Each nose has two silicone soft rubber pads to provide additional comfort.
  • PILLA - 580 Series PILLA - 580 Series
    The 580 is a fully optimized interchangeable dual lens system. This new frame geometry is designed for both the serious clay shooter as well as the sportsman in the field. Unique to this design is a visual experience not found in any dual lens frame styles. The nose architecture is built to sit on the face reducing the eyes perceptive awareness of the nose. So when the shooter is looking across the bridge there is basically no interference. The frame is like a feather weighing just 1 ounce. The 580 integrates the same Pilla signature “fork” temple tip found in the 560 which is made of a high performance rubber called “Megol”. The 580 integrates a new lens anchoring system using “Shadow Boxing” on the lens edges. This open box design anchors the lenses and provides an extremely simple method of un-hooking the lens from the frame.
  • pilla 580c
    The 580 Carbon Fiber Edition is a fully optimized interchangeable dual lens system. Unique to this design is a visual experience not found in any dual lens frame styles. The nose architecture is built to sit on the face reducing the eyes perceptive awareness of the nose. So when the athlete is looking across the bridge there is basically no interference.
  • Pilla Magneto-2-LM-lenses


    Starting At: $1,500.00
    The Magneto is a limited edition shooting frame from Pilla. Available in 3 lens sets or our full 8 lens special edition with carrying case. The revolutionary design of the MAGNETO uses Neodymium magnets to achor the lens to a proprietary frame substrate that fuses Titanium and Surgical Steel. The attachment of the lens to the frame takes less than 1 second. We partnered with Ovvo to manufacture this one of a kind system. Certified by ZEISS to be optically perfect. The frame engineering and lens engineering have been perfectly executed to produce a piece of visual equipment worthy of carrying the ZEISS name. Every MAGNETO lens is laser engraved on the backside to validate the ZEISS certification.
  • The front bar has been taken out of the frame so the visual site picture is unmatched. The shooter is presented with an unobstructed view without any imperfection or visual disruption. The Carbon Fiber temple design allows for extremely quick changing of the lens technology to maximize the performance of the product in any lighting condition.
  • Outlaw X6 Cable Temple - LMLenses.com PILLA - OUTLAW X7


    Starting At: $899.00
    THE OUTLAW SYSTEM was launched in 2010 as an evolution to the successful PILLA PUMA. The design directive was to create a wide open visual experience. The new generation Outlaw Series completely removes the entire front bar and the tracer frame, creating a totally unobstructed view. The temples snap directly to the temporal sides of the lens. The Outlaw X7 offers a significant level of wrap without any visual interruption of a frame. The system incorporates our unique counter-balancing temple geometry to reduce all felt weight on the bridge of the nose. The temples can be manually adjusted by forming the temple tips to contour the shooters head. A closer fit to the head leads to better counter balance in weight distribution. It is available with all vivx 2 lenses. ***ATTENTION*** The 36 max lens is currently out of stock in the Outlaw X7. This lens will be substituted with the 54hc. If you would like to select a different lens substitution, please contact us @ - 802-343-0828.
  • The Outlaw X7 Copa Mundial is for the shooter looking for a fully customized fit while delivering perfect optical registration. This frame design provides an opportunity to adjust the front mask to tilt the lens toward or away from your cheek which not only provides enhanced fit on the bridge of your nose, it also allows for correct visual registration of the sight picture for perfect optics. Further, this next generation Outlaw design provides for full temple adjustment with an extendable temple tip to adjust the fork length to wrap your ear.
    The Panther System was born in 2002 under a design directive presented to Pilla by 22 Time World Champion George Digweed. George wanted a frame system that made the shooter feel like they were not wearing glasses. The Panther has revolutionized the shooting industry and is worn by more Champions around the world than any other. The X2 system harnesses a new Rubber Co-Injection technology to provide further adjustment in the temples for a customized fit while using the Pilla patented "Fork" temple balancing system.
    The new generation Panther Systems have raised the level of comfort from the first generation and now in its 6th generation incorporates a variety of options to provide the shooter with the optimal system for their specific needs. Panther X7 No Post is a fully interchangeable system using a high wrap optically correct 7 Base mask. The system has all the Zeiss VIVX 2 lens filtrations available for the design. The Design is available in a fully adjustable post model that can be fit with a corrective insert for prescriptions as well. Panther X7 is a high wrap optically correct 7 base mask. Fully Interchangeable lens system.
    The Panther X7-C No Post System is a fully adjustable interchangeable mask technology. This model uses Carbon Fiber frame system. Every aspect of the Panther No Post System has been engineered to perform with perfection and is fully adjustable to customize the fit to the shooter. *Note: Lens kit images are shown as a representation of the lens filtrations and frame components. Actual kit contents will have the Carbon Fiber Frames. Progressive filtrations will come in the tactical lens shape.
  • The Pilla Blinder System fits all Pilla Frames. The system uses a velcro fold to wrap around the temple for a secure fit. Set comes with left and right Blinder.

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