The 500 Series is a perfect piece of equipment for the Shooting and Archery enthusiast. This exciting platform molded from high-grade stainless steel, benefits from years of frame-design experience. In 2017 the 500 Series is also available with an upgraded frame architecture using Carbon Fiber. The frame design provides a completely unobstructed sight picture and a perfectly balanced geometry that reduces perceived weight. This feather-weight, 1.25oz design provides all-day comfort. The 500 Series integrates the Pilla signature “fork” temple tip made of a high performance rubber called Megol. The “fork” tip is easily adjusted by bending the tips to contour the shooters head. When properly adjusted the weight of the nose bridge is almost completely erased.

The 500 series is available in both a Mask version (560) and a dual lens option (580). The 540 model is a prescriptive-only option for athletes requiring high degree of prescriptive power or would like a frame geometry that is more traditional.

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