The PILLA Magneto is the ultimate in performance eyewear technology for Shooting Sports. The frame is surgical steel fused with titanium, making it ultra light weight and durable. The Magneto comes packaged standard with 3 PILLA lenses by ZEISS to cover almost any lighting condition. With lenses that slide on and off using neodymium magnets, the Magneto boasts the fastest and easiest lens changing system available anywhere. Combined with it’s unique filtrations, this set gives the athlete an unfair advantage and is sure to be the last pair of glasses you’ll ever want to buy. The Magneto is available in both a Plano model and a prescription model. The frame kit comes complete with 4 temples, including the new Magneto 2 fork temple. All Magneto lenses use our proprietary PILLA VX lens science developed by ZEISS.

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